What Matters ?

What Matters
Jerome Green

Knowing what matters in life is a tremendous gift to receive. I can’t say I really got this principle until today. I was talking with a companion of mine and we were discussing our individual trips to Disneyland. I was telling her about a new awareness I had when I entered Disneyland on my last trip there. I became keenly aware how much I appreciated that I lived in Los Angeles and that I could on a whim, with my season pass, decide to take a ride out to Disneyland and be there in 30-45 minutes.

As I looked around the park, I saw people who traveled far in wide from different, states, countries and continents to visit Mickey’s home. The desire could not be met in the moment. I on the other hand could be spontaneous. What a treat and gift. As I was telling her my story, she laughed and said, “that was exactly the feeling I had when I entered the park this past week”. How funny that we would have the same feeling on separate visits. She went on to say, “Its’ about what matters”. The power in those four words deeply moved me. What Matters is a powerful thought to hold on to.

I’ve been waiting to write about my magical trip to Disneyland, but really couldn’t until now. It took this conversation to move me to write. When I enter Disneyland, nothing else really matters. Whatever problems or worries I have are left behind. The sign entering the park says it all.

What Matters in my life at this point is very simple. What matters is that I learn to luvv more, do more with the luvv and inspires others to luvv. What Matters? That I surrender to the idea of bringing in the cash to fuel my desire to learn, explore and embrace the adventure.

Looking back takes us out of the present and into the past and away from What Matters. What matters to me? Having fun. I spent my 5 hours there riding the train, going the Mickey’s theater, going on Space tours 4x and Buzz light year 3x. In the end, my visit was full of fantasy and personal pleasure. The things that matter to me are life’s pleasure (including my personal connections with my wife, son and other companions), and the pursuit of adventure.

Doc Holiday on his deathbed in the movie Tombstone talking to Wyatt said it best:

Go grab that spirited actress and make he your own. Take that beauty from it, don’t look back. Live every second. Live right on to the end. Live Wyatt. Live for me. Wyatt, if you were ever my friend – if you ever had even the slightest of feelin’ for me, leave now. Leave now… Please.

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