Simple Pleasures

French Fries from Yamashiro in Hollywood

The above photo represents a night of pleasure I had with my wife(Gail) and Nora and Eileen. There are many pleasures in life and while sitting on atop Hollywood looking over the city I was able to enjoy the food, companionship and the greet view of Los Angeles.

At the moment I am enjoying one of my lifes pleasures- up late at night, listening to music through my headphones and sitting in my office writing and exploring the Internet. My playlist tonight includes Bruce Springsteen’s greatest hits. Wow, what an awesome writer, singer and spirit. I ‘ve really never listen to a collection of his songs at one time. The guy is pretty damn great.

My other pleasure is getting emails from some of my fellow bloggers who I subscribe too. Tonight like clock work my companion blogger hit me with a sweet one. Embracing The Tiny, where she has decided to write small daily tidbits about your daily life. Tonight was about her Electric Pleasure device [read here]. Her post ignited my thoughts about pleasure and seeking more of it.

The really sad thing about our lives filled with education is that at no point from kindergarten through Doctorate programs, does anyone really address the issue of pursing a life of pleasure. It something that I both stumble upon and then deny.

The simplicity of pleasure in itself to me is very powerful. For me the more I can stay in the pleasure vortex the greater chance I have of fully living my daily life. Pleasure, is a sweet, juicy word that has so many variations to it.

Bruce is still belting out the songs and I am feeling the pleasure fully engulfing my being and lifting my conscience to higher levels of desire and passion.

Make sure you pleasure yourself today. Oh, Dolly, she is next on my playlist- Dolly Parton to the Moon and Back. How pleasurable is that?

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