My New Found Attraction To Beer

After 45 years of not having a sip of beer I find myself attracted to Beer. I guess it started this past Saturday night at Nora’s annual St. Patrick’s Day party. I was sitting there and there was beer flowing. I had a couple of cokes, but the beer kept calling my name. I have never liked the taste of beer. I had the fortune or misfortune of trying a beer when I was 13 years one. It happened to be one of the worst beers that a virgin beer drinker could try. It was Rheingold Golden Ale .I took one swig and spit it out. That ended my beer consumption. I consumed many other things over the years, but beer was off limits.

So here I was looking at all these Irish folk drinking beer and it seem that the most popular one was Guinness Black Larger. It had a sexy look too it and since I was the only black person at the party, it seemed to have my name on it. So I went out and got a cold one. Took a swig and initially had that same reaction., ugh. Then I took another and another. I ended up drinking half the bottle. It seemed to activate something other than being drunk (I wasn’t) there were plenty of folks that fit that category. It brought in an ease, relaxation and amplification, so much so that I went out the next day and bought some beer.

More to explore.

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