Luvv Is All

When I hear this song I think of my dear companion Henry who passed away in June. He introduced me to so many beautiful pieces of music and this was one of them. It brings a tear to my eyes and lifts my heart. Luvv is All is definitely what stirs my heart and brings greater understanding to my world. This powerful song reminds me of my duty, my job and my purpose. Time brings us to powerful places. I am so appreciative that Life brought Henry into my life for the 26 years we explored together.

On this Thanksgiving remember to serve up a mighty dish of Luvv with your Turkey.

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2 Responses to Luvv Is All

  1. Eric Carver says:

    Great get sir. I know you and luvv you through this video. I know how much Yanni’s work fills you (as it does me) – a Joy to behold.


  2. admin says:

    Eric, Appreciate the connection. Yes, Henry met the singer at the time when she did this song. It’s a very powerful one. –Jerome

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