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Get off the sidelines. I have learned that making regular deposits into a pity box will not change your life. Waiting for some existential force to fix your life, without you doing anything, is not realistic. You picked up this book because you are seeking more life satisfaction. You know that you want more than the day-to-day grind. You know there is no benefit in living in the shadow of past failure. You understand that the only person that can get your life moving is you. Live Your Privilege is your how-to-guide to stepping into the greatness of YOUR life.

Andrea Michelle Green, Author

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Author Andrea Michelle Green hit the floor running from the very beginning of Live Your Privilege: she addressed self, something a lot of us will not do when assessing ourselves and finding our way in God and in life. Green says, “Breaking through to privilege requires self-awareness, acknowledgment, restraint and closure.” 

Live Your Privilege addressed subjects such as seeking approval, self-defeat, and stagnant living along with a section to reflect on what was read and questions to stimulate the thought process on each subject. Live Your Privilege admonishes us not to live beneath our privilege again. Green shares that in order to live your privilege, you must self-endear, meaning to “wrap yourself in the conviction that your life has meaning and purpose regardless of how things look or what negativity you are facing, and be released from the guilt and shame of the past.” 

In the balance of the book, privilege is defined and wisdom is shared on how to activate it. I appreciated The Seven Essences of Privilege – (abbreviated) Appreciation of God; Awareness that you deserve the best opportunities; Acceptance that beauty of life is… in the interpretation, Ability to harness your attributes and qualities; Acknowledgement of others who encourage you; Accountability in your daily life; Affirmation of your entitlement… 

One of the most important and shortest portion of the book is to Live in Forgiveness… especially of self, and I believe that before you can go forward to live your privilege, an integral part of getting there is being able to forgive yourself and others. 

I enjoyed Live Your Privilege and recommend it to young adults, or anyone who is seeking to find their way. 

Review by Sharel E. Gordon-Love 
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