Every Day Is Christmas When You Are In Luvv

Everyday Is Christmas When You Are In Luvv is a principle to live ones’ life by. It’s not about Black Friday or Thanksgiving night shopping, it’s really about opening the very personal gifts on a daily basis. Seeing each day in new and being willing to step into the day with the curiosity of a child and the wisdom to listen to the small voice to guide you. To embrace the principal of Every Day Being Christmas I have to first embrace luvv. It’s the luvv that makes Christmas and brings me to places that I otherwise would not go.

Today was a day where really could feel the fresh winter snow in my heart. I could hear Christmas calling me to come out and play, to explore, to do and to taste the joy that comes from the adventure. The falling snow in the heart feels to me to bring in a new way of looking at things. My adventure today was full of magic, from getting a parking place right in front of the Secretary of State building to going to the Gene Autry museum, visiting a companions home and now sitting in a library in Eagle Rock basking in the fullness of Christmas.

Everyday is Christmas when you are in luvv is about being fully connected to the fantasy and knowing that by bringing the luvv I bring with it new opportunities, hope, pleasure and joy. It’s a feeling that touches my heart and beckons me to follow it, to be purposefully Looney. It’s also about appreciating each day in new ways. I am so happy I listened this morning and following the conscience. I don’t know what my day would have felt like if I had stayed with what I planned to do.

Enjoy the music.

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