Calling The All

I am here to bring about a little change. I can’t truly prevent the creations threats, but my job is to ride the roller coaster and bring in as much change as I can. I have to go beyond faith into the trust, into the doing and into the now. I have to stop looking for the creation to be on my side. I Can Win Now is about assisting others to learn how to hold under pressure, how to move into a greater doing in ones life and to be a part of bringing about some change. We are in a very now period where change is rapid and without warning. The fidelity of life for me is connected to my ability to connect to the source of who I am.

I Can Win Now is about the fulfillment of desire and my individual purpose to live a pleasurable life. The pleasure principal is one of the major keys to winning. It’s not all about who comes in first its more about being willing to face my destiny with verve and courage. I might win more frequently by losing than if you win by the numbers and in the process sacrifices my individuality.

Making the call to the All is about standing in my own shoes. Making the direct connection beyond the multi-level switchboards of the creation. Like Rocky on the beach I have to be willing to face it and if I lose. I lose fighting, standing in my own shoes and with the courage to face the next round. The illusion only measures things purely by the numbers. The All measures each step we take by our willingness to hold and embrace the pressure.

I have been delegated the responsibility of bringing through an idea–I can Win Now which encompasses the power of victory and motivation. I realized that I have been trying to bring through an idea that requires high-grade rocket fuel with coal. There is no way that will work. In fact it’s painful and stupid. I Can Win Now and the I Can Company are similar to the frequency that comes with any new idea. It’s fucking scary as hell. It requires a tremendous amount of holding and deep penetration.

I am being commanded to stand up, face the idea, and do what I am being called to do. I truly have no choice. I either stand up and get struck by lightening or by the All. The decision squarely rest on my shoulders. When I don’t show up there is a tendency for me to blow up. That leads me to right and wrong which is just a game, but there is no correction in playing that game.

To win I can’t nullify myself because I am afraid to face the pressure, to ante up or to save myself from facing the domination with luvv. Not being who I am says I won’t rely on the All and that I am looking for someone to let me slide. The noble side of me says, “well you doing this (taking the safe route) so you can survive for you family”. The truth is we all luvv to see the hero go down fighting. No one routes too much for the wimp.Learning how to win requires me to hold and to listen to conscience and not the repetitive droning of false conscience

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