An Epic Night

Epic Night

I must admit that it didn’t hit me until today, after being in McDonalds and texting my siblings, on how epic my 60th birthday surprise party was. Why was it Epic? To me it was epic because of the bounty of personalities and people that make up the kaleidoscope called my life. The richness of these connections not only represents who and what I am, but also why I am. My life is one that has always been about the people in it. It’s the gold exchange of the companionship that makes me a very wealthy man.

Webster defines Epic as – extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope.

I must acknowledge that all the people in my life meet these criteria and then some. When something takes 48 hours to hit me, as this has, that is when I realize just how powerful and majestic the evening was. For a moment I got caught up in the lack of quality of my prime rib, but as I look back, it wasn’t about the food at all. I am truly glad that the Ravioli, Couscous Chicken, Drinks and Cake matched the moment, but it truly did not matter.

There is an ease that has come into my life since my dad’s passing and it is not lost on me that he passed on the first day of my astrological birthday (Virgo). He and Henry – the two people that John eloquently toasted before I got roasted – have been present with me during the entire period of my birth month. It has been a powerful, yet very quiet month for me. I have many, many thoughts and this is actually one of the few times that I have found that I can fully express them.

As I reflect on this Epic evening I can’t ever remember the marina being so peaceful and ethereal. As I refresh my memory and remember the luvv that was present I was eating and drinking from the fountain of companionship, where the exchange far exceeded a prime rib dinner. It is clear to me that on this Epic Night my nutrition was luvv.

Gail and her band of merry individuals (Nora, Debra, John, Leslie, Pharoah, Lisa, Eric & Candice) really put all their luvv into making this moment one that I will have with me for the rest of this life time and if there is reincarnation, the next. Gail has worked for 28 years to try and surprise me and I am very happy that it happened. She was so happy, and I was happy for her.

My brother Eliot (I actually gave him that name) was one of my highlights of the night. He made the truth so funny that I was rolling on the ground emotionally. As my sister Sylvia said – he’s funnier than Kevin Hart and better looking.

John was an awesome MC and spoke of why we have been on this ride together for 13 years and counting. We fight, disagree and shake our heads, but continue to go down this journey together.


Many you have asked me about China. Why China? What do I want to do there, etc, etc? My answer (and this should be of no surprise to those of you that know me) is “I don’t know”. One of the last conversations I had with Henry – he was more intuitive than me – was that it might be in the cards for me to visit China. Add the funny fact that my dad – and he did this every time we got together – would always add another tribe we originated from; his last one added China to the mix. There is probably a plethora or reasons for me to journey to China. I recall Stephen Marbury – who is continuing his professional basketball career in China – saying that when he arrived in China, he stated he immediately realized he was home.

“It’s just something about the serenity and peace of the country,” he said. “I can’t really explain it; you’ve got to experience it.”

There is a part of me that feels that I lived a lifetime in China. Maybe or maybe not, but it’s time for me to go find out. I feel there is something that will complete me over there.

Epic nights and Epic moments are to be cherished and held in the heart for lifetimes. The luvv you have demonstrated to me is something I wish for all of you in return. My wish, as I struggled to blow out the candles, was a simple one. I wished for happiness for all, joy and abundance and most of all Peace.

My dad’s death and the death of others around me got me to realize that our society spends an inordinate amount of time wishing that once someone dies, that they Rest In Peace. I’ve come to realize that it is time to Live In Peace. So from now on, I wish you L.I.P and if you can L.I.P than surely you will always be at rest.

It was Epic night for many Epic individuals and I realized today that while having a video of the night would have been great, all I have to do is reach into my heart and play those precious moments all over again.

Luvv you

Enjoy my video of Appreciation

An Epic Night from bballbusters on Vimeo.

Epic Night additional video

An Epic Night #3 from bballbusters on Vimeo.

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